Manhasset High School
20th year reunion

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1. Tom Cummins, Mr. Jon Whalen and Bennett McDowell
2. Rick Whipple, Gary Woodring and Jimmy Judge
3. Mary Thilow and her husband
4. Phil Zangara and spouse

5. Agnes Demou and Richard Thralls
6. Kim Day and Eric Peters
7. Tess Koncick
8. Randy Seider and Bruce Miller

9. Clarke Smith
10. Cathy Parks
11. Tom Kelly and John Allen
12. Bruce Miller and Martha Hueglin

13. Lacy Adair and Lynn Eagan
14. Mr. and Mrs. Bennett McDowell
15. Adrienne Vaultz
16. Tracy Vosburgh, Bambi Higuera, Sally Reeves

17. Sue Reid, Lynn Eagan and Patty Kavanagh
18. Karen Patashny, Barbara Clayton, Eva Mallis
19. Vicky Nolting and Todd Smith
20. Karen Lagrassa

21. Joe Spagna and John Allen
22. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Petracca
23. Carl Whitmore

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