Justifiable Homicide Quiz.


1.  Prior to becoming mayor of New York, William Gennaro was?

    a.  Bronx DA

    b.  Federal Prosecutor-Eastern District

    c.  Acting NYS Attorney General

    d.  Dep. Commissioner, Legal Matters NYPD


2.  PO Hector Rodriguez worked in what Bronx Pct.

    a.  41

    b.  45

    c.  44

    d.  40


3.  Eduardo Noscar was imprisoned in what upstate jail?

    a.  Attica

    b.  Auburn

    c.  Sing Sing

    d.  Danamora


4.  According to Sgt. Frank Gennaro, what was Sherrod Ranes' street name?

    a.  Forgetit

    b.  Findit

    c.  Fixit

    d.  Faxit


5.  Ernesto Suarez is?

    a.  Noscar's attorney

    b.  Pilar de Falla's best friend

    c.  Hispanic reporter from El Diaro

    d.  A Cartel leader in Medellin


6.  The movie the Gennaro brothers see at Times Square when they are young is?

    a.  The Graduate

    b.  Planet of the Apes

    c.  Fail Safe

    d.  Barbarella


7.  Former detective, Artie Brogan drives what kind of car?

    a.  Pinto

    b.  Citation

    c.  Gremlin

    d.  Aries


8.  Pilar de Falla met Noscar where?

    a.  Restaurant

    b.  Strip Club

    c.  Horse Show

    d.  Disco


9.  Artie Brogan frequented what Corona, Queen's pub?

    a.  O'Fallen's

    b.  O'Leary's

    c.  O'Brien's

    d.  O'Malley's


10. Pedro Corrando hailed from what country?

    a.  Dominican Republic

    b.  Colombia

    c.  Mexico

    d.  Cuba


11. What was the name of the magazine that Brogan read to find out PO

Rodriguez's  home address.

    a.  The Finest

    b.  NYPD 2000

    c.  Spring 3100

    d.  FYI


12. When Artie Brogan visits Hector Rodriguez's precinct, what command does he tell the desk officer he's assigned to?

    a.  Chief of Dept.

    b.  IAB

    c.  Inspections

    d.  Chief of Patrol


13. The logo on Nocar's cocaine shipment is that of a?

    a.  Leaping Cat

    b.  Snarling Wolf

    c.  Prancing Horse

    d.  Soaring Eagle


14. Miguel Garcia prefers what kind of motorcycle?

    a.  Yamaha

    b.  Kawasaki

    c.  Harley

    d.  Honda


15. When Sgt. Gennaro and Det. Alvarado are eating dinner with their dates at Rao's, what celebrity do they spot eating there?

    a.  Jeff Van Gundy

    b.  Tom Lasorda

    c.  Walt Fraiser

    d.  Phil Rizzuto


16. Det. Alvardo grew up in what housing project?

    a.  LaGuardia Houses

    b.  Smith Houses

    c.  Wagner Houses

    d.  Lincoln Houses


17. Prior to joining the NYPD, Frank Gennaro served in what branch of the armed forces ?

    a.  Army

    b.  Marines

    c.  Navy

    d.  Air Force


18. What was the shield number PO Rodriguez wrote in his own blood before he died ?

    a.  2713

    b.  2371

    c.  2731

    d.  2317


19. The man who replaced Mayor Gennaro was Aaron Hastings. He was the?

    a.  Deputy Mayor

    b.  President of the City Council

    c.  Public Advocate

    d.  Speaker of the City Council


20. Where does Sgt. Gennaro finally kill Santos?

    a.  Flushing Cemetary

    b.  Flushing Meadow Park

    c.  Flushing Bay Marina

    d.  Flushing Museum


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